How do you add a Dinner Plan through the mobile app?


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  • Meaghen Foley Spencer

    New owner here and super excited about the ability to do meal planning with my calendar!  I plan all meals for my family of 6 - breakfast, lunch, dinner.  Feature Request: It would be awesome if this Dinner Plan was called Meal Plan instead of dinner and then allowed the user to identify if it was breakfast, lunch, or dinner.. then my family could easily see what will be available (or what they could make!) for each "meal". Ideally, I'd love to be able to plug in my "meals" and then color code them by breakfast/lunch/dinner (and even after school snack). It would be an amazing feature to bring together the meal planning and calendaring in this way...  (b/c I also have tasks for my kids to set the table each day of the week). You're sooo close, I love it!

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